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Marcia E. Mueller 

Seeking to engage a broad global community in discussing key issues relating to Leadership, Inclusion, and Women



Marcia E. Mueller 

I am a People-developer dedicated to finding innovative ways to help organizations solve business challenges through growing people.  Enabling success in others is my red thread that draws together deep expertise in consulting, business strategy, adult learning, executive coaching, Leadership Development, OD, and HR.

Through this kaleidoscope of related skills, I have developed a unique perspective on the power of developing people to maximum their success, which in turn leads to organizational success.   My motto:  Organizations succeed when people succeed.  


I’m dedicated to:

• Enhancing the quality and effectiveness of leadership at all levels of the organization. 


•Advocating for inclusive organizations and the advancement of diverse talent. 


I am committed to expanding the global dialogue around these issues and hope to use this website and other forums to engage a broad global community in discussing key issues relating to leadership, inclusion, and women.  


My personal interests include serving on the Board of Trustees for a non-profit school applying leading edge brain-based EQ practices to grow our youngest leaders of tomorrow.  I also enjoy travel and family time with my spouse and am a devoted mom raising two independent and strong female leaders.  I am a coffee drinker, dog lover, and amateur gardener.  Ask me what’s blooming.  I always have a few photos to share! 



Selected Achievements

  • Business leader of a start-up global coaching and consulting division within an established professional services firm.  Direct new product development, manage P&L, lead a global team, achieve top quality outcomes and client retention.

  • Author of a Women in Leadership model with client participants achieving one-year advancement rates of up to 42% with 90+% retention.  

  • Dynamic and engaging speaker invited to speak at 25+ global conference and events. Skilled at getting even large audiences engaged in dialogues on leadership, inclusion, and advancing women’s careers.

  • Contributing Author, to “Effective Leadership in an Uncertain World; Insights from Research and Practice” available Oct 2021. 

  • Leadership Development Expert & Sales Accelerator. In partnership with sales leaders, I have articulated the value of leadership solutions and provided millions of dollars of coaching and leadership programs growing innumerable leaders.

  • Learning Designer and Executive Coach skilled in zeroing in on client’s unique business needs to design innovative coaching and curriculum based leadership development solutions.  

  • Certified / trained in assessment tools, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Brain-based Leadership, Positive Psychology, Instructional Design, Facilitation, Executive Coaching.



Effective Leadership requires skill and knowledge, but even more important is learning to balance these with self-awareness, curiosity, compassion, and a drive to guide and grow others.  I hope you will engage with me through my blogs and live discussions as we seek to expand our understanding of the art of leadership and explore diverse perspectives.  During this “Great Resignation,” leaders need to become the talent magnet that retains top talent through inspired leadership and a focus on developing others. 

Women & Inclusion 

I advocate for organizations to create inclusive cultures committed to growing all talent. I have deep experience in advancing gender equity and women’s careers. Though women hold nearly half of all jobs in the workforce, these percentages drop swiftly at the manager, executive, and c-suite levels. Catalyst research shows that in top US firms, less than 6% of CEO roles and 27% of senior leader roles are held by women.  Other countries share similar issues.  Our firms are wasting critical talent. It’s clear from the hundreds of women I have supported in 14 countries that this is NOT a capability gap.  


Engage with me in live discussions and blogs to uncover your organizational roadblocks to advancement, explore ways to build inclusive cultures for women and diverse talent, and identify personal strategies to navigate career success.   


In My Own Words

Insights on Leadership, Inclusion, and Women

Speaking Engagements 

I have shared thought leadership as a speaker at over 25 international conferences and events in four countries.  


Speaking is one way I engage a broad global community in discussing key issues relating to Leadership, Inclusion, and Women.


A Coaching Approach for Creating Your Personal Strategy & Action Plan

2021 Strategic Leadership & Resilience Summit for Ethics & Compliance Professionals; Virtual


Leadership Series 

Join the Dialogue  

Join the Leadership Series discussion on Clubhouse, the dynamic drop-in audio platform that now hosts over 10 million users.  As an early adopter, I connect a global audience of executives, leaders, HR professionals, and coaches in insightful discussions on Leadership, Inclusion, and Women. I facilitate rooms to expand perspectives, share leadership insights, learn, and connect.


Follow me on Clubhouse @Marcia Mueller and follow my Clubs, Leader Forum and Women’s Leader Forum to engage in robust dialogues and address relevant issues in leadership today.  


Let’s learn together!

Bisque and White Traditional Life Quote
Bisque and White Traditional Life Quote

Leadership Series 

How Can Leaders Engage Teams in a Remote Workplace? 

How Highly Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Lead.  

How Leaders Build Highly Effective Teams.

How Can Top Leaders Leverage Coaching Skills?  

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